Common functional modules of SPCS intelligent system

Point to control

At a preset position, point your mobile phone to different directions,
and the appliance and its true state will be immediately displayed
on the mobile phone screen. You may instantaneously control the
appliance live with one touch. The transition period between direction
switching is merely 0.3 second, which makes it possible to point to
control at your will.

Auto Scene Control

Enter and leave: When you return home, the globally unique SPCS system
will automatically open relevant electrical appliances, that you have
preset in the mobile phone, such as: TV, light and curtain, etc; when
you leave the hall and back to the room, the electrical appliances in
preset room will also open accordingly; meanwhile, our intelligent
system prompts you whether to shut down the electrical appliances in
the hall, or you may choose to shut down automatically.

Live Safety Alert

SPCS intelligent anti-theft monitoring system can set the trigger time
(1-99 seconds) within the monitoring range; when relevant alarm is
triggered, the real-time scene is immediately forwarded to relevant
mobile phone screen; in case of home gas leakage, water leakage...
likewise, the current conditions are also faithfully reflected on the
mobile phone screen with relevant alarm sounded, so that you may close
relevant valve via the mobile phone, and automatic mode is undoubtedly

Visual Control

Remote control of all electrical appliances at home is made possible.
The screen will display live the electrical appliance you would like
to control, which may be achieved with one simple touch. Moreover, you
can customize smart scenes by use of all kinds of electrical appliance

Point To Remote Control

When you are at a certain location such as your Hong Kong home, other
than using remote control, you can also use the pointer picture to
control various local electrical appliances at every distant home or
company etc., which makes controlling safer and more convenient.

Point To Multi-Room Control

When sitting on the sofa in the lobby, you may point to sections or rooms
in various directions and on different floors in the whole residence,
controlling all the electrical appliances. It is easy to use.

Intelligent Body Temperature Warning System

The smart body temperature alert system can set the relevant detection
temperature by itself. When the target body enters the effective detection
range, if his or her body temperature exceeds the detection limit, e.g.
37.5℃, the system will immediately push all data and relevant live imaging
to the relevant mobile phones and computer screens, which greatly reduces
the workload and risks of relevant personnel.

At home, when the doorbell rings, the target body enters the effective
detection range. A visual intercom screen will immediately pop up. No matter
where you are at home, you can have a visual conversation with the target to
decide whether or not to open the door. The system is convenient and safe,
playing a key role in safeguarding home security and greatly reducing risks.

Air Quality Monitoring

The user can customize the environmental parameters in the mobile phone
interface to automatically start or shut down the ventilation system to
realize the effect of energy-saving ventilation; the user can also check
the real-time temperature and humidity values, carbon dioxide concentration
values at various detection points, and the working status of each sensor.

Scan Code Control

SPCS WeChat applet control system: it is not necessary to install any software
on the mobile phone. Simply scan the QR code for live control at your will,
which makes it especially suitable for hotels and guest rooms at your residence.

Smart Alert

The system can realize the function of entering into the corresponding range
when the user is on the way home and automatically calculating whether it is
necessary to turn on related appliances equipment,such as air conditioning,
bathtub drain, etc. convenient and considerate.

Intelligent private collection display system

The temperature and humidity of the display cabinet can be controlled at any
time through the mobile phone, and the displayed value is on the mobile phone
interface, allowing you to see at a glance.

Smart door lock control system

When unlocking illegally, the SPCS system will automatically link the anti-theft
alarm and real-time reminder. In addition, you can remotely open the door of the
elderly who are going home through your mobile phone. When family members forget
to close the door, they can also close the door remotely via their mobile phone.


Perform the switching of all electrical appliances via the language of the mobile
phone, such as: lights, curtains, etc., and consulting the information about life!

Voice recognition control

The control equipment of household appliances is completed through voice commands,
such as turning on and off the lights, adjusting the brightness of the lights,
controlling the air conditioner, TV programs, playing music, starting home theater,
etc. The voice recognition control is not restricted by the brand and category, no
matter it is Magic mirror, voice robot and background music are all controlled by
voice interaction, making smart homes truly "smart" more practical and convenient.

Video intercom system

When the doorbell rings, your phone will immediately pop up the video intercom
screen.When the door is opened, the related supporting lights will automatically
light up accordingly.The video intercom with matching theme can be customized
according to your design style.

Screen Customization

In order to make the elderly like this system,we put the family photo on the
mobile phone interface as requested, apart from the magic tape setup, to
automatically dial the number, by clicking on the photo, which facilitates
contacting the family and enhances utilization rate of the SPCS system as well.

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