SPCS Intelligent System Point To Control

SPCS智能系统 指向控制
Point To Multi-Room Control

When sitting on the sofa in the lobby, you may point to
sections or rooms in various directions and on different
floors in the whole residence, controlling all the
electrical appliances. It is easy to use.

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Offsite pointing control: Remote control of all electrical appliances at home is made possible. The screen will display live the electrical appliance you would like to control, which may be achieved with one simple touch. Moreover, you can customize smart scenes by use of all kinds of electrical appliance combinations. People are away and home is by their side.

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SPCS smart security system protects you and your family.
The system can provide you with the most timely family
information anytime and anywhere, bringing you an
absolute feeling Safety.

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When you just get home, the SPCS system will
automatically open the door for you, adjust
the temperature of the air conditioner, and
put the water in the bathtub to wash you away
from the fatigue of the day.

SPCS 自动场景

When you return home, the globally unique
SPCS system will automatically open relevant
electrical appliances, that you have preset
in the mobile phone, such as: TV, light and
curtain, etc; when you leave the hall and
back to the room, the electrical appliances
in preset room will also open accordingly;
meanwhile, our intelligent system prompts
you whether to shut down the electrical
appliances in the hall, or you may choose
to shut down automatically.

Cloud Corner Ltd SPCS智能影音系统

The smart body temperature alert system can set the relevant detection
temperature by itself. When the target body enters the effective
detection range, if his or her body temperature exceeds the detection
limit, e.g. 37.5℃, the system will immediately push all data and
relevant live imaging to the relevant mobile phones and computer screens,
which greatly reduces the workload and risks of relevant personnel.

At home, when the doorbell rings, the target body enters the effective
detection range. A visual intercom screen will immediately pop up. No
matter where you are at home, you can have a visual conversation with the
target to decide whether or not to open the door. The system is convenient
and safe, playing a key role in safeguarding home security and greatly
reducing risks.

Cloud Corner Ltd SPCS智能体温警示系统
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